Saturday, May 24, 2008

The return of the pink bunting

My town is decked out in bloody pink bunting again, like it was in February. Unfortunately it's still not being used to string up the mayor from a lamp post. It's to remind us of Mother's day, just in case we hadn't noticed the ads in the shop windows.


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Mrs Pouncer said...

I can't tell you how dismayed I am to read such derogatory remarks about bunting. It is the garden decor of choice this season in the Thames Valley - but not just any old bunting. Handcrafted soft-pastel fabric is the only type worth having, and not that beastly plasticised stuff sold by Notcutts. I am encouraged to read that it is championed by our friends across the channel, but really! I feel you have been a little hasty. Cordially yours, Mrs Pouncer