Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love hell

My local council has put up pink bunting and set up a PA system to play love songs all day in the street, while local businesses are putting up teddies and heart shaped cushions in their shop windows. I don't want to be churlish, but:
  1. Anybody who's ever really been in love knows that true love isn't pink, fluffy and heart shaped. If I bought Madame le Prof a teddy bear with a heart on to celebrate our love, she would, quite rightly, smother me to death with it.
  2. Anybody on their own probably finds Feb 14th hard enough as it is without the bloody council ramming it down their throats.

Local elections are next month, and as an EU citizen I'm allowed to vote in them. My vote goes to whoever promises to tear down the pink bunting and use it to hang the current mayor from a lamp post. With a pink teddy stuffed up his arse.

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El Gringo Vasco said...

quite the violent one, aren't you. I prefer the throwing of rotten tomatoes in the town square. far less traumatic than a lynching and enema.

Anonymous said...

Mr T narrowly escaped death this evening as I went through the post that came while we were away to find a red hand-written envelope, only to find it was from one of the candidates for the elections for our Labour MP who's standing down. I was most disappointed!

(just kidding snoogly wumply pie xxx)