Saturday, September 01, 2007

MPA's Laws of Friday Evenings

Still no news from the academie. I was planning to phone them on Friday but it completely slipped my mind, so I'll try on Monday morning.

The reason I forgot was it was my last day in a summer teaching job that I'd agreed to do before I'd found out my Capes result. Being the last day, there were end of course tests to mark, and the obligatory party where each group performs, then long, drawn out goodbyes. After finally extricating myself about an hour after I'd hoped, I was finally half way down the road when I remembered I'd forgotten the cake tin I'd used to carry my contribution to the party. This has led me to postulate the existence of what I call Monsieur le Prof d'Anglais' Laws of Friday Evenings:

MPA's First Law of Friday Evenings:
The probability of leaving a personal possession behind in your place of work is PROPORTIONAL TO:

1) the number of people you say goodbye to
2) the effusiveness of said goodbyes
3) how glad you are to be getting away


1) the number of days remaining in your job
2) how glad your employer is to see you go

MPA's Second Law of Friday Evenings:
The value and importance of said personal possession is PROPORTIONAL TO the SQUARE of the distance travelled from your place of work before discovering that the object has been left behind.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've got loads of cake tins, I'll give you one of mine. Let them have it as a memory of you. I wouldn't bother going back. Even if it were keys or wallet I'd get them to post the keys, cancel the credit cards and let them buy themselves a drink with whatever cash was in the wallet.

Lazy cow, moi?