Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New EFL website - worth checking

Regular contributors to Dave's ESL Cafe might have noticed how threads on his discussion forums mysteriously disappear whenever anyone says anything bad about his advertisers. Well, now he has a rival.

David's English Teaching World has lots of really useful information, plus forums that aren't censored just to keep the advertisers happy. Of course, this means that anyone with an axe to grind can log onto the forum and slag off a school just because the DOS didn't give them a day off, but the schools have just as much right to reply. Apparently Dave is riled enough that posts on his forums referring readers to David's site don't stay up long themselves! Anyway, I wish David (not Dave!) all the best with his website, and hope all you TEFLers will get over there and start posting, safe in the knowledge that you can criticise the advertisers without getting banned.

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Anonymous said...

Please find your kind words reciprocated!


Anonymous said...

Does his site also tell you where you'll be working?


The Tefltradesman said...

The ungrateful blighters! I mean, you give some jerk a job, and he turns round and starts slagging you off for the slightest thing - cheek! Bring back national sevice, that's what I say - and then they'd be grateful for a pot to piss in!