Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I've still got it

Today I saw my note administrative, which is a bit like an annual appraisal - you have a few grades and comments on your work, which you have to say whether you agree with or not. If you don't agree, you argue until you've negotiated something you do agree with, then sign it.

My comments section said something like "This young teacher from England has applied himself with enthusiasm and energy". I suppose I've been getting enthusiastic about giving out lines and have thrown kids out energetically, so I guess it's a fair reflection of my first few months in the job. And it was nice to be called a "young teacher" when I'm in my mid thirties!


Anonymous said...

You must have been appraised by my old teacher, the one who had no idea who I or any of his students were so treated writing reports like writing Christmas cards.

You haven't had time to become disillusioned yet, hence the young bit.

M. le Prof d'Anglais said...

I was never under any illusions, I'd done summer camps with Spanish teenagers back when I really was a young teacher.