Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some good news this Christmas

It doesn't seem to be the season of goodwill for the European far-right. While the far-right bloc of MEPs fell apart after insulting each other and British National Party is tearing itself apart, here in France, the National Front is facing problems of its own.

It's not just that he's on trail for saying the Nazis weren't all that bad, that's pretty standard stuff for him and only gets him even more free publicity. And he needs free publicity more than ever now, because the National Front's failure to poll more than 5% in the last parliamentary election means that they no longer qualify for state funding. This has left an 8 million euro-sized hole in their bank account which they can only plug by selling their party headquarters. HA!

So raise a glass this festive season to the further demise of the European far-right in 2008. And remember, every vote you cast helps lower the share that these people get. Not only does that show how few of us they really speak for, it can really hit them where it hurts - in the pocket.

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