Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another teacher's blog

Recently, work has been interfering severely with my Internet surfing. I've got quite a few blog entries steadily brewing though, just waiting to be served hot. In the meantime, here's the blog of an ESOL lecturer in the UK. I'm going to follow it since I taught in a Further Education college in Britain before emigrating to France (joining Madame le Prof and getting my life back in one fell swoop). I understand that Her Majesty's Government has, in it's wisdom, cut back massively on funding for ESOL courses and expects the students' employers to plug the gap (dream on...), so I just hope this guy gets to keep his job.

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the100thmonkey said...

Thanks for the link :)

Just a quick clarification - I'm not actually an ESOL lecturer (yet) - I'm doing the PGDE after having taught in an English conversation school over the summer. I got back from Japan last year, at about the same time that the rules governing recruitment policies changed.

I should, though, be starting my placement within the next month. :o